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A Digital Record Assignment

on January 25, 2012

Hi! My name is Christine and welcome to my blog “Great Reads for Teens and Tweens.” I’m very excited to be creating a digital record of all the teen and tween materials that I will be encountering this semester. That’s right, this blog is a school project but I am hoping to maintain and expand it even after the semester ends. As a middle school Library Media Technician and a Library and Information Science grad student I am bombarded almost daily with questions like “Do you know a good book?” “Where can I get more information?” and “Is this appropriate for my kid or student?” Through this blog I will be keeping records of items such as books, magazines, films, television shows, music, etc … but what will truly make this blog a success and useful tool to others is your feedback so please feel free to comment!


3 responses to “A Digital Record Assignment

  1. Morgan Ries says:

    I know this Manga called Soul Eater for older teen(s). I am completely obssesed! I can lend my copy of the first volume! Most of my friends(only like two don’t even know what it is! xD) are also obssesed! It’s humorus, action-filled, and quite pervy (just for that before you read warning xD)! :3

  2. mlischris says:

    Hey Morgan! I am so glad you checked out my blog! I just finished reading, well actually looking at the graphic novel “The Arrival” by Shaun Tan. Not my favorite. I should’ve started with the ones you liked. Please, please, please lend me Soul Eater! It sounds delicious!

  3. Morgan Ries says:

    Hehe! I really hope you like Soul Eater! I have 1-4 of the volumes and if I convince my Mom I might get more tonight. So, if you wanna continue the series just ask for the next book! I finished it already and might finish the third tonight (since I stay till like 12 reading or drawing! xD) See yah!

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