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Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

on March 15, 2012

 Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

 Author: Jeff Kinney

 Publisher: Amulet Books      Year: 2007

 ISBN-13: 978-0810993136

 Genre: Fiction

Age:9 and up

 Awards: #1 New York Times Best Seller for 114 weeks, 2008-2012 Nominated and  Won a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Book (did not win in 2009 and 2012 is pending), 2010 Most Favorite Book Around the World, ALA Notable Book

 Themes/Subjects: Realistic fiction, humor, family life, social situations, middle school, friendship

Plot summary:

“First of all, let me get something straight: This is a JOURNAL, not a diary. I know what it says on the cover, but when Mom went out to buy this thing I SPECIFICALLY told her to get one that didn’t say “diary” on it. Great. All I need is for some jerk to catch me carrying this book around and get the wrong idea. The other thing I want to clear up right away is that this was MOM’s idea, not mine.”

Middle school is a strange and complicated world. Little weaklings are expected to share the halls with oversized gorillas who are already shaving. Friendships from elementary school are shifting and ideas of what makes certain kids popular are a mystery to Greg Heffley. In his diary, sorry journal, Greg’s thoughts, memories and experiences are poured out every day and accompanied by simple yet funny illustrations. Between dealing with dweeby parents, a mean older brother, annoying younger brother and goofy friends, Greg a wimpy kid himself is just trying to navigate the awkward world of middle school. Add in haunted houses, forbidden cheese, safety patrols, singing trees, and just plain family weirdness and you’ve got one heck of a first year of middle school!

My take:

I began reading this book in bed and let me tell you my sides hurt from trying to stifle my laughing! Before I knew it, it was after midnight and I had finished the book. I COULD NOT put this book down, it’s that funny! Working in a middle school, I saw so many of my students in this book and even a bit of myself from that age. Greg Heffley can honestly be described as a typical tween. He is oblivious of his faults and although he tends to get into trouble, he really does have good intentions. Unlike Nikki Maxwell from dork diaries, Greg isn’t an intentionally mean kid and almost always experiences consequences for his actions. I would highly recommend Diary of a Wimpy Kid to boys AND girls of all ages, especially to reluctant readers. For additional fun check out where Jeff Kinney originally posted Greg Heffley’s story. On there you will find additional illustrations and stories that did not make it into the published book.

Rating: 5 out of 5 – Every new middle school kid should read this!

Similar read: School is a Nightmare #1 First Week, Worst Week by Raymond Bean


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