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Cinder by Marissa Meyer

on March 20, 2012

Title: Cinder

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends      Year: 2012

ISBN-13: 978-0312641894

Genre: Science Fiction

Age: 12 and up

Themes / Subjects: Science Fiction & fantasy, fairytale retelling, dystopia, alternate worlds, Cinderella, family, friendship

Plot Summary:

Cinder is the best mechanic in New Beijing and a cyborg. Orphaned as a child after a terrible accident, doctors were able to save her life by replacing her foot and hand with metal ones. Despite being a medical miracle, cyborgs are looked down upon and considered second class citizens. Now sixteen-years-old she spends long days at a booth in the market repairing androids and portscreens then heads home to a cruel and loveless home ruled by an evil stepmother. Cinder’s two step-sisters couldn’t be more opposite; where Pearl is mean and just as evil as her stepmother, Peony is sweet and Cinder’s best human friend. One afternoon Prince Kair comes to the market to have Cinder fix his beloved android and immediately there is chemistry between them. But when Peony contracts the deadly plague letumosis for which there is no cure and Cinder gets caught in the middle of a political battle between two worlds, Cinder’s life changes drastically.

My Take:

Cinderella as a futuristic cyborg named Cinder? AWESOME! I had never heard of this book until I saw it on one of the shelves of the school book fair. How cool is that beautiful red high heel with a translucent leg and metal bones showing? As soon as I read the back cover I knew I had to read this book!

Marissa Meyer’s takes the well-known fairytale Cinderella and gives it an interesting futuristic/sci-fi twist. Although much of the book was predictable, I still found myself unable to stop reading as the suspense of the Lunar people and their Queen was built up. There is just the right amount of romance, heartache and humor to captivate all readers. While reading, it was a lot of fun to notice subtle tributes to the original Cinderella story such as the pumpkin-orange car and a loose foot that could possibly be left on the palace stairs.

My favorite and scariest parts of the book are Cinder and Prince Kai’s interactions with the Lunar people, especially Queen Levana, because Lunars have a special kind of “magic.” I won’t spoil it for you so go and read the book and find out for yourself!

Again, I have found myself in a predicament … this is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series with the next books Sarcelt, Cress, and Winter not coming out until 2013, 2014 and 2015. UGH!! I hate waiting!! What happens next?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars … the “twist” at the end of the story was predictable from the beginning otherwise a fun retelling of Cinderella

Similar read: A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce


6 responses to “Cinder by Marissa Meyer

  1. Jeannette Edwards says:

    Thanks Chris! Looks like something I would
    like to read soon!

  2. Jeannette Edwards says:

    Do you have anything on The Hunger Games? I would like more info before I start reading. By the way,I love your blog and will be sure to tell the other English teachers to sign up!!!

    • mlischris says:

      Hey Jeanette! I will actually be posting a review on The Hunger Games tonight! Thanks for signing up for my blog. All the books I’ve read so far have been suggested to me by the students or were at the book fair.

  3. Cassie says:

    Wow, I totally goofed on my review now that I read yours. Of course, cyborgs are second class people – DUH. I missed that in my review, not thinking at all. I was talking about how young adult novels need to tell something about the world the same way adult books do. Oh well, ya live and ya learn. Great review.

    • mlischris says:

      Cassie, I absolutely loved your review of the book! All your posts are so entertaining and fun to read. Sometimes I feel like I leave a lot of of my review for the sake of trying to keep it brief. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

      • Cassie says:

        It’s your blog, girl! Just write whatever you want in your review, if people don’t read it – they don’t read it. You don’t need to worry about pleasing the instantaneous market of social media. People who read will read a long review (fingers crossed).

        And thank you, thank you for all your kind words. 🙂

        Don’t leave it – I want to read everything you have to say!

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