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King of Pop: The Story of Michael Jackson

on April 2, 2012

Title: King of Pop: The Story of Michael Jackson

Author: Terry Collins

Illustrator: Michael Byers

Publisher: Capstone Press      Year: 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1429679947

Genre: Graphic Novel

Age: 8 – 14 years old

Awards: N/A

Themes / Subjects: Michael Jackson, King of Pop, artist, entertainer, humanitarian, legend

Plot Summary:

In the 1960s, Michael Jackson was just a young boy with big dreams. By the time he died in 2009, Michael had grown to be a music icon and an international legend. Follow Michael’s journey as he spends his last day reminiscing about growing up in the tumultuous music industry and the legacy he would leave behind.

My Take:

What a disappointment! As a library media specialist, I expected more of from this book for my students, although what can you really expect for five bucks? Michael Jackson led such an interesting and complicated life. I’m not saying that we need to tell young people every little detail of every trial or mishap Michael had, but nor should we sugar coat a person’s ENTIRE life. A graphic novel is an excellent way to get young or reluctant readers to read, but let’s make sure we are giving them all the facts. I want to see more about Michael growing up, the charity work he did, how being such a pop icon made him an easy target for accusations, and how a horrible addiction ended his life. I’m not saying it should go into graphic detail, but come on people! There is nothing worse than lying to kids!

Rating: 1 out of five stars. Teens (and I) want the truth! But perhaps in the famous words of Jack Nicholson as Col. Jessep in 1992’s A Few Good Men (fyi, not an appropriate teen/tween movie), You can’t handle the truth!

Similar read: I’m not about to send you guys out to read an equally sucky book so this will have to wait until I come across something similar but much, much better (which shouldn’t be hard).


4 responses to “King of Pop: The Story of Michael Jackson

  1. Bunjabeee says:

    No wonder the awards section was N/A… Any whooo….. I also read this book and found it interesting how Michael just fell a sleep and never woke up… To us that have grown up watching this mans life the book is a joke but to teens that don’t know this legend they might see some thing different… A kid/person/human that wanted to be better and with a little hard work he did get what he wanted… It didn’t end well but he did…. Thank you for your blog… I read it from time to time… Keep up the good work Mel!!!

  2. mlischris says:

    Thanks Bunjabeee for your comment. Perhaps the reason I had such a negative attitude towards the books is because I too felt like it was “a joke.” Sadly, I feel as though the author did not have a vested interest towards the subject of his book, Michael Jackson, but rather saw Michael’s death as a means to make some money. This happens all the time when celebrities die. Everyone has something to say or some commerative item to sell to the highest bidder.

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