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Scene It? – Disney and Harry Potter Versions

Name: Scene It?Disney and Harry Potter Versions

Created by: Screenlife

Age: 6 and up (Disney) / 13 and up (Harry Potter)

Players: 2 or more


Scene It? is a DVD trivia game in which players have to answer questions either from trivia cards or viewed on the TV from the included DVD. More than just a trivia game, Scene It? also challenges you to use observation, memory, wordplay, and problem solving to decode the puzzles that you see on-screen. Designed for two or more players, this family-oriented trivia game will appeal to kids and adult fans alike.

Disney Version features clips, images, and characters from everyone’s favorite Disney and Pixar movies! While most of the questions are incredibly easy, players will find the game immensely satisfying.

Harry Potter version – includes questions, images, and challenges from all 8 of the movies! This game is the ultimate Harry Potter test for the HP fan and even includes some obscure questions that you would only get if you had read the book.

My Take:

Do you have teens who think they are know it alls? Well, I think it is time for them to prove it with the game Scene It?! Scene It? comes in a variety of versions but my two favorite ones are the Harry Potter and Disney Versions. Although you can play with two or more players, I prefer to play the game in teams with players of various ages. I found that some of the younger kids can help me out with the movies I have yet to see while I can help with the older stuff (well not too old).

The first couple of times you play the game it can be a bit completed trying to figure out the rules and what each category and roll of the dice means. I highly suggest keeping the rules handy. Also, this game can get pretty loud as people get excited and shout out answers so don’t expect to play this in a quiet area or to calm anyone down. The reason I like specific versions of Scene It? as opposed to the original is because it forces the game to focus on one topic, otherwise you’d have to be a know it all in everything (like my mom). The Disney and Harry Potter versions are definitely perfect for teens and the entire family.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars … the games have some technological glitches sometimes and I’ve found a couple wrong answers in the Harry Potter game

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