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Apples to Apples Junior – The Game of Crazy Comparisons!

Name: Apples to Apples Junior – The Game of Crazy Comparisons

Created by: Mattel

Age: 9 and up

Players: 4 – 10


Apples to Apples Junior is a hilarious card game with crazy comparisons that is not only fun to play but also helps players expand their vocabulary and thinking skills. “The game is as easy as comparing apples to apples – just open the box, deal the RED APPLE cards to each player, and you’re ready to go!” (from the manufacturer).  Players take turns being the judge and the judge starts the game by playing a GREEN APPLE card featuring a one-word characteristic such as Amazing or Scary. The rest of the players must then pick one of their own RED APPLE cards in their hands that they think is best described by the judge’s card. When everyone has put their cards on the table, you must try to convince the judge that yours is the best match. If your card is picked, then you win that round! The first player to win four rounds wins the game!

My Take:

I first played this game at Christmas time with my family (that was the Disney version) and am an Apples to Apples addict! The game and rules are very easy to follow and the discussions it causes people to get into are hilarious! I would suggest the junior version for younger kids because I’ve found that they did not understand some of the words on the original version. Winning is entirely based on the opinion of the dealer and everyone gets a turn of being the dealer so this game is perfect for everyone. There is really no way to cheat in this game although I have been a part of some pretty heated discussions over whose card is the best match. I think this game also offers insight into how people think and was really impressed by the thought the dealers put into selecting a card.

Rating: 5 out of 5 apples … I’ve played quite a few versions of Apples to Apples and loved each and every one of them!

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